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Jenny Lee is the chef/owner of Kiuda MKE. Kiuda means "nourish" in Korean. Food nourishes others. She holds pop-up dinners and teaches Korean cooking classes. She worked as a line cook for Bravo's Top Chef Judge Tom Colicchio at Colicchio & Sons in New York City. She worked as a line cook for Chef Jean-Georges at The Mark Restaurant. After moving back to her home state Wisconsin, she cooked at Sanford restaurant in Milwaukee. After she had her son, she signed up to make food for meal trains for mothers who recently had a baby. From there, she started a food business in 2019. Lee prefers cooking the food her mother made. 

Currently, Lee and Moleta: Artisanal Sharpening are planning on opening a community rental kitchen in the fall at 17000 W. Capitol Dr., Brookfield. Moleta plans to open a farmers' market in the parking lot. Moleta will have "Farmers' Market To Go" where leftover produce from farmers will be turned into luscious and nutritious meals for people to buy on-the-go. The kitchen will be available to entrepreneurs at an affordable price to rent. Some rental kitchens require a minimum number of hours per month. We want to help as many small food businesses as we can. 


Kiuda = Nourish

Kiuda [kee-oo-dah] means "nourish" in Korean. It also means to take care of children, pets and/or plants. Chef Jenny Lee chose the name because she nourishes others with her food. 

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